Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunset bike ride

So Brooklyn's Biking for Autism event is this weekend and I haven't been riding my bike near enough. I had a headache still from my tooth today so I decided to head over to our favorite grocery store, Don Quijote's, and get some advil. We'd just gotten back from Maui and I'd returned my Wrangler before hand so the bike was my method of transportation this time which initially I wasn't too excited about but now I'm so glad it was. Along the way I just couldn't believe how beautiful this place is. You know how things look different in a car then they do when you're jogging or walking? It was one of those experiences. I started taking pictures then got to thinking about how different each part of the island looks from the other but how they're all so breathtaking. Here are some pictures from my bike ride and from other parts of the island.

Mountains on the way to the store.
Lanikai Beach.
View of my neighborhood.
Funky trees off the H2 highway.
Pineapple gardens.
More cool trees just outside Pearl City.

I got home from my ride just after the sun had fully set. I walked up to the front door and looked up to see a full moon in a stunning clear sky. This place is amazing. This was taken from the Vincent's front porch! Can you believe where I get to live???

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