Thursday, December 17, 2009

No go on the puppy :(

So each time I'd really start leaning towards getting a certain puppy we'd go back to check on it and it would be gone. Then I started thinking about how the kind of puppy I'd been wanting for years now is a goldendoodle or a labradoodle...not a chihuahua or terrier or whatever. Although they're all adorable and I'm sure I'd be happy having any one of them to love I don't want to get a dog just to get a dog, or get a dog in hawaii just to have gotten a dog in hawaii for souvenir purposes. : ) I should look into the breed, what they need, what I can give, I'm opting not to get a puppy. I'm a little bummed but I think it's best, especially after a cashier that checked me out randomly told me she might have to put her chihuahua terrier down for attacking the neighbors kid!?!

Also I started thinking about how the Vincent's might breed their dog Ikaika, whom I adore with their daughters puppy, Makana, whom I also love so maybe I'll wait a little while for that to happen. This is great for several reasons. 1) Their both beautiful purebred boxers. 2) I'm familiar with boxers as my sister has two. 3) It would be fun to get a puppy and have known it's mom and dad. 4) This is an excuse to go back to hawaii in a year or so!!!

Here they are heading out with the Vincents.

Here are a couple better ones of Ikaika. So cute!!

So no go on the puppy as a I guess my ukulele, frog attracters, coconut thumb piano's, 2 muumuu's, shell leis, sole sandals, name bracelets, puka dog relishes, pink fishing pole, chipped tooth, and 80 GB of photo and video footage will have to do.

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