Friday, December 18, 2009

So, let's be real here...whose "favorite movie" list does not include 50 first dates?? Honestly. It's got it all; Romance, humor, music, and stunning scenery. Now that we've established we all know and love this movie, it's safe to assume we all remember the scene where Henry and Lucy first meet at the charming little family owned eatery, the Hukilau Cafe. He looks over and see's the sun rays perfectly falling on a beautiful girl who is building a volcano or something out of her waffles. Right?

Anyways, what you may not know is that there really is a small city and beach called Hukilau and there's even a small family owned eatery called, the Hukilau cafe! Which I'm sure leads you to the same question we this where 50 first dates was filmed?

Well come along with us as we investigate. The audio isn't the best in some parts of this one but you'll get the idea.

Well, there you have it folks. Another Myth Busted!! It was not filmed there, they were just paid for the use of there name and it was actually filmed a little ways down the road at the Kualoa Ranch.

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