Saturday, December 5, 2009

KAMEHAMEHA vs. Kahuku State Champtionship Game!!

The Aloha Stadium in Honolulu was definitely the place to be last night. It was packed with over 20,000 people for the State Championship football game, Kamehameha vs. Kahuku. My friend Hanale is the Offensive line coach for Kamehameha so we were excited to be there to cheer him on...and to hang with his family and my favorite...his daughter Erihana. She's my buddy and you have no idea how I melt when she calls me Auntie Ceri.

It was a fantastic game just as it was predicted to be. The newspapers have been calling these teams the perfect matchup for states, having nearly identical stats for points scored, points allowed, rushing yardage, & passing yardage. One interesting twist is that the coach for Kahuku has a son that plays for the Kamehameha.

Kamehameha scored pretty early in the first quarter and scored at least once each quarter that followed. Kahuku was able to get a few TD's in there but it still didn't compare to the final score that reflects the Warriors domination of the game. Warriors = 34 & Kahuku Raiders = 21.

Here are two of my favorite parts of the evening.

1. Watching Hanale head-butt and chest bump the players after some amazing interceptions & even a punt block!

2. Watching Erihana try to find an empty stall in the ladies room on our bathroom/icecream break.

Official Winners of Hawaii's State Championship Football Game is the Kamehameha Warriors!
Congratulations Hanale!


  1. Yep i love how all girls are "aunties" and guys are "Tio" (uncle). So glad the posts are back, it took me a while to get all caught up! Looks like you are back to having fun. I can't believe u actually offered up a caged shark dive...r u crazy or what?! Love u both. Now i sure hope you get to go see New Moon daughter already has the countdown to Eclipse! lol! Lovin your adventures!
    Missie in Montana! p.s. is was 11 below last night here...brrrr!!!!!

  2. ha ha - I was there that night! :) kelsey