Saturday, December 12, 2009

I need to feel some Christmas! Honolulu City Lights with Erica & Hanale!

When you've grown up on the east coast and in a place where you can expect some snow around Christmas or at least some serious cold...It's hard to feel like Christmas is coming when you're still able to live in your bathing suit. Some people have put lights up and Santa has made some appearances at the mall and other places around town but I still just haven't been feeling it...until tonight.

Tonight I got to go with Erica, Hanale, and the kids to the Christmas lights display downtown.

It was great. The city's been doing this for 25 years now where Honolulu decorates the outside of government buildings with huge trees, lights, statues, Nativity scenes, as well as the inside of the buildings with Christmas trees and wreaths from the city's decorating contest. Here are some of the contestants.

This ones covered with all kinds of cute sea creatures.

This is a HUGE Hawaiian Santa Statue made out of foam then covered in fiberglass.

Here's sweet Erihana looking at the nativity.

It was really a beautiful display and totally got me feeling the spirit of the season. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!

Or as they say in Hawaii, MELE KALIKIMAKA!!!!

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