Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hanauma Bay

Today we decided to hit up Hanauma Bay. Because it's such a major tourist spot and is often crowded we'd sorta been avoiding it but we did wantgo at least once while here. Snorkeling is so good here but the best thing about Hanauma Bay is how the reef stretches around the whole bay and comes up high enough that no sharks can get in!! We should've tried paddle boarding here!

Interesting fact: Hana means "bay" and uma means "curved". Which makes sense when you look at this wide angled aerial view of the bay. How beautiful is this??

We were ready to see fish, turtles, coral, all the sea life stuff...but one thing that we were not expecting to see were Island Weasels.

Along the road on that side of the island are some cool scenic points where we'd pull over, hop out and climb over walls to get some incredible views. There was one spot in particular that was just really amazing.

We ended up climbing over the wall and down some pretty steep drops to get close to where the water was crashing onto the rocks...can you see Brooklyn out there?

Man I'm gonna miss driving down the road, pulling over the car, hopping out and being able to take pictures like these!!

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