Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hunt for the Perfect Souvenier...

I've been trying to figure out the perfect souvenir for this amazing experience and it came to me...a puppy! I've been wanting a puppy for awhile and thought it would be awesome to get one and bring it around the Island with me, give it a Hawaiian name, then bring it home with me. I thought I could name it "Souvenir" in Hawaiian...then an even better idea came to me, Puka, as in Puka favorite place to eat here.

My mind was set and I began the hunt. I called my airline to see how much it would cost to bring puppy back on those long flights with me and what arrangements would need to be made...then I checked Craigslist and all the local pet stores to see what was out there. The main dog of choice here is the PitBull, which is just not my style so I kept looking and my next choice was the Chihuahua mixes. Here are some of the candidates.

This was a chihuahua, terrier, and Brussels Griffin mix. He was really cute in a pathetic, poor thing, sorta way...I like that.
This is option number 2. Another Chihuahua terrier mix.

The next two are sister and brother chihuahua mixes. I love the color and markings on the brown, white, and black guy at the bottom but he's a little too crazy for me and I would never trust him in my room if my closet door was left open. The girl just below isn't nearly as cute to me but she's calmer.

Decisions. Decisions.

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